The Corporate Video 

Nine Multi Camera studio quality video system for:

  • Corporate Video shoots
  • Live Concerts
  • Bands
  • Conferences
  • Commercials
  • Talk shows
  • Product Shows
  • Board Meetings
  • Extreme Weddings

And Now for the first time

  • Feature Film Productions
  • TV Shows
  • TV Pilots

The Client list

Eagle Entertainment Group in association with Video Bob robotics productions and a new developing state of the art style of film and TV  making in which are presenting three, six and even up to nine studio quality robotically controlled Sony DXC 950 Video cameras OR the film or TV show can al be shot on Bata SP, edited on final cut pro then out put to an HD recorder. and or which can be adapted to at a reasonable expense, HD cameras for shooting a feature film, TV shows, TV pilots, TV shows, commercials and Infomercials.  

We are offering this new concept as the state of the art style filming, in which we feel that that an aggressive film or TV producer coupled with funds to fully developed this new style of shooting along with your TV show or Film will surprise the world in a cost efficient, time efficient, high production value and productive production.

An example of a standard shot. Film makers need to shoot a scene repeatedly, from long or wide shots, close ups on each actor, pans, overheads/cranes, dolly shots, etc. With the advent of using this system and operator Video Bob, we can virtually have all shots done in one take using three, six or nine cameras all operation simultaneously by one operator:
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. Plus the operator having done live concerts, talk shows, large conferences and even small ones as noted in his small Board room meeting for Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and others, can also edit in real time. In his previous tapings he was able to hand the client a finished tape or DVD moments after the event is finish.

Not only will this be a one shot potential with multiple cameras, but with Video Bobs expertise in editing live, we estimate the shots will also be over 50 percent edited and ready for final post the day the shooting is wrapped. With this new system of shooting a feature or TV show, we are working on different ways in filming and lighting shots with Bobs robotic camera lifts, crossovers, swing boom and stationary pan, tilt zoom cameras.  In that, when a director says action, a few buttons will be pushed, cameras are on remotely controlled by Video Bob and a few cameras on timers, with the actors on their marks and off we go.

We are very interested in working with an aggressive investors /  producers, directors and limited crew in accomplishing this goal. If this is to your liking and sense of adventure in a new state of the arts film making method, then by all means contact us.

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